The Original Tan Towel

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The Original Tan Towel 



The Original Tan Towel™ will change the way you care for your tan – as a result, your tan will last longer and wear off evenly. The showering process after a tan is extremely important to achieving a great result. Have you ever been nervous drying yourself after your tan in fear of marking yourself with the towel and ruining your tan?

Drying yourself with a standard bathroom towel is too abrasive and can exfoliate your skin, leading to an uneven patchy colour. When you dry yourself correctly you reduce this risk of ruining your tan. That very first shower as we all know is very important and because you are confident using The Original Tan Towel™ with its custom-designed pockets, you’ll find that you are drying yourself correctly and this eliminates any cosmetic bronzer transferring onto your linen and clothing.


  • Custom designed pockets allow you to dry your body with ease
  • Luxurious plush fibre extends the life of your tan
  • Faster drying eliminates the risk of colour streaking on your body
  • Suitable for drying yourself after all forms of tanning
  • Correct drying reduces the risk of tan transference onto linen and clothing
  • Protecting and nurturing your tan helps it last longer
  • Prevents accidental tan exfoliation from abrasive towels
  • The tan safe fibre is fast drying, antibacterial and lightweight so perfect to take away on holidays
  • The perfect drying accessory for everyone who loves their tan
  • Ideal for competition tanning, dance industry & the everyday tanner
  • Supersize and luxurious so it's suitable for both men and women
  • No more stained and ruined towels at home
  • No more mess
  • Eliminates accidental tan marks left behind from a standard towel