Pineapple Punch Mini - Moisturiser

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PINEAPPLE PUNCH is a sweet hydration hit that helps clarify skin and combat breakouts to start the day bright, clear and fresh.

Pineapple Punch is quickly absorbed, helping to mattify the skin and regulate oil flow. Boosted with pineapple enzymes, this face cream also gentle exfoliates the skin and helps refine the appearance of pores.





Sensitive, oily and combination skin types, Pregnancy, Nut allergies & Vegan


PINEAPPLE - Enzymes exfoliate skin and unclog pores, antioxidants provide a super skin detox.

MATILOOK - Obtained from the quince tree. Reduces shine and visibility of pores.

ZINC - Refines excess oil, antiseptic properties help heal and prevent infection.


Warm 1-2 pumps in fingers and massage onto the skin.