Clear Me - The Ultimate Skin Diet for oily skin with breakout concerns

This refreshing skin diet is bursting with detoxifying ingredients to target oily and problematic skin conditions. These skin smoothing products contains detoxifying ingredients that will refine excess oil, unclogs pores to balance oil flow while healing ingredients speed blemish recovery. Skin Juice products are formulated using natural, organic and high performance based ingredients. These handpicked products are overflowing with purifying nutrients such as antioxidants, minerals and fruit acids. These are combined with the potent anti bacterial powers from plant extracts for a healthy, clear complexion.



You will receive six full sized Skin Juice products packed in a 'Healthy doesn't have to be boring' insulated brown paper bag look.

Your handpicked diet includes:

  • PULP DETOX Cleansing Paste contains purifying organic clay to refine excess oil while tiny grains of bamboo lift and remove congestion without drying the skin. Detoxifying lemon myrtle helps to protect the skin against breakouts while fruit acids leave the skin feeling super smooth and fresh. Experience clean, fresh aromas with a dash of zing
  • MULTI JUICE is a refreshing, hydrating skin drink and is infused with purifying essential oils that will help balance, and cleanse the skin. To be used in place of a toner.
  • CITRUS JUICE Face Creams a light-weight cream that targets breakouts, leaving the skin feeling smooth and fresh, while a unique combination of extracts mattify an oily and shiny appearance. Experience aromas of a fruit and basil smoothie.
  • GREEN JUICE is a healthy skin saver balm, this multitasking over achiever that will help soothe, soften and condition the skin anywhere on the body, leaving an all-natural moisture glow. Experience aromas of fresh cut cucumbers and coconut juice.
  • LIQUID Tri active Clearing Serum is a healthy non-sensitising serum that works with the skin to fight breakouts while balancing natural oil flow. Experience clean fresh aromas from orange and lavender.
  • JUICE DETOX all natural deodorant is made from Australian superfoods and will keep you smelling clean and fresh all day, while also allowing your body to naturally eliminate toxins. This aluminum free, all natural, Your organic and vegan deodorant is safe for everyone to use. Experience fresh zingy lemon and lime aromas.