Cameo - Canvas Eye Mousse

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Vegan/Gluten Free

Create the perfect eye look with this vitamin-fortified, hydrating and crease proof formula. Bodyography’s eye mousse base creates a smooth finish for flawless makeup application. This shadow base contains Dermaxyl for anti-aging, Vitamins A, C and E which protect, brighten, and mask the appearance of eye area darkness.

• Masks the appearance of redness or dark eye areas
• Brighten and protects the sensitive eye area
• Fills in fine lines and wrinkles with powerful Dermaxyl
• Allows eyeshadow to blend easily and show it’s true colors
• Keeps eyeshadow on all day long without creasing

Pro Tip: Use Canvas Eye Mousse alone all over the lid for a naturally
perfected eye look that shines when paired with liner and mascara.
Don’t forget to take this miracle product under the eye as well if you
plan on creating a smokey look!