I Like It Rich.

March 05, 2018

I Like It Rich
As the temperature drops, so will your skin’s hydration levels. The skin starts to feel dry and tight, we loose that healthy glow and crave the comforting touch of rich, nourishing creams. Nurturing your skin during winter will ensure you protect it against redness and flaking.

To help keep your skin comfortable, I have put together Skin Juice’s top 4 RICH LIST. These will help keep your skin soft, dewy and glowing this winter.


Stay away from the bubbles, foaming cleansers will strip any protective oils you have left. Instead cleanse with the lipid rich carrot and tomato oils found in Smudge Budge. These skin smoothing plant butters melt onto the skin to dissolve make-up and imputes while skin-loving oils infuse deeply into the skin to reinforce the skin’s own barrier against the harsh environment. Who knew cleansing could be your first step to getting rich?


This super decadent and protective cream is deliciously rich and nourishes the driest skin. Pink fruits such as watermelon, pomegranate and rosehip work with plant butters to shield the skin from drying winds and air conditioning. Hydrating Fucogel puts the bounce back into the skin, it’s an all natural and potent ingredient that will restore water in the skin to keep it looking plump and smooth.


While we all love a hot shower or bath, your skin doesn’t. You may start to notice the skin on your back or legs become itchy and dry. This emollient, super rich mix of shea butter enriched goodness will combat any dryness with out feeling greasy. Beautiful Australian oils from wattle, desert jasmin, zest myrtle and lemon ironbark keeps the skin feeling fresh. Massage this soft turmeric infused yellow cream onto all areas on the body that need moisture and allow to absorb.



This multi-tasking over achiever is the perfect recovery balm for any skin type. Perfect for those red noses and wind blown red cheeks. This is an oil balm that will help with symptoms of dermatitis and eczema and can be used as a night cream or any where on the body that requires extra moisture. This product has been helping to repair broken skin for 21 years.

It’s truly hard to stop at four, so it’s also worthwhile mentioning these superstars too. SuperfoodFace Oil, which can even be layered under the Green Juice Balm at night for extra nourishment. Vanilla + Honey Moisture mask is a perfect over night treatment mask. Lastly, Bio Juice hydrating skin drink which is a nutrient rich juice for the skin, reenergising the skin and brightening the complexion.


Written and Published by Skin Juice.