Giving Teens and Tweens the best start for healthy and clear skin.

March 05, 2018

As beauty therapists, we often get asked ‘What can I use on my tween or teenager?’ Even children as young as 9 or 10 can begin to experience breakouts. So what do you do for younger skin without causing long term damage, and still end up with good results.
I know, as a parent I don’t want to make the same mistakes I made when I was young.


So what are some of the main skincare concerns for tweens and teens?

Acne: These are spots and painful bumps, and can be found on the face, neck, shoulders, and back. These oil-filled bumps have been infected with the bacteria called Propionibacterium that causes pimples. They are often red and inflamed. Some types of acne can also lead to scarring.
Increased oil flow: There is an increase in the amount of sebum produced during puberty due to hormones. The oil tends to also be thicker than normal and can be easily trapped under dead skin cells and clog the pores. This blocked oil can also appear as blackheads. These are created from the oil blocked within the pores turning black upon oxidizing with the sun or air.
Irritation: Young skin can become itchy and easily sensitized by many creams and lotions, and can easily become imbalanced with the use of synthetic ingredients or incorrect product choices.
Ok, I know its hard to get our kids into good regimes, getting them to do simple things like brushing their teeth is enough of a challenge.
Here is a little checklist on some important Dos and Don’ts if they want to keep clear, healthy looking skin.



Squeeze pimples, you’ll spread the infection and breakouts will multiply. This can also lead to scarring.
Use harsh exfoliants. These can irritate the skin and spread any infection from other breakouts, while stimulating the skin to produce more oil.
Use alcohol cleansing wipes. These will strip away all the natural oils, leading to more oil production and greater sensitivity.
Ever use soap. There is no place on the face for suds as they will strip the protective oils and allow bad bacteria to get in, leading to even more breakouts.
Use heavy makeup for coverage. These foundations and concealers will only block the skin’s natural oil flow and can lead to blackheads and pimples. It’s best to focus on achieving beautiful, healthy and balanced skin.
Use skincare with artificial fragrances or colors in them, as they will irritate and sensitize the skin, leading to red and inflamed spots.
Use harsh acne treatments such as benzyl peroxide. While these do kill all the breakout-causing bacteria, they also lead to extreme skin sensitivity and dryness. The full effects of these skin applications won’t be seen for many years.
Apply self tanningproducts or bronzers to the face or areas of concerns as they will block the skin’s pores and lead to breakouts.
Use hairspray near the face, and protect the skin from silicones in hair products and conditioners. These can coat the skin and block oil and trap bacteria.



Eat well. Having a balanced diet low in artificial sugars will help keep the skin clear and fresh looking.
Cleanse young skin every morning and night to maintain clean, fresh skin.
Work internally on good health such as drinking water and taking internal essential fatty acids
Gently exfoliate dead skin cells from the pores, using natural fruit acids or oil dissolving BHAs (Beta hydroxy Acids).
Use natural clay masks to absorb excess oils from the skin’s pores.
Use an oil balancing moisturiser, as the skin requires protective, skin-compatible oils to feed the skin and keep it healthy.
Look for natural antibacterial essential oils and extracts in your skin care products to gently combat infection-causing bacteria.
Use a physical, mineral SPF daily.
Zinc based SPFs will help to protect the skin from the environment while working to heal spots and bumps. Tinted Mineral SPFs
are fantastic for teenagers wanting a light make-up coverage
. .
Be patient. This is normal and will pass.
I have put together a fairly easy to follow regime for young, healthy skin.

Morning regime:



  • PULP CLEANSING PASTE -This non-aggressive clay cleanser is suitable for oily skin types and will help to clear congestion and remove excess oils without stripping the skin. Pulp is your healthy alternative to a foaming cleanser.


  • Sun Juice SPF 15 contains superfood ingredients that boost the skin’s natural defence against the sun’s damaging effects, providing healthy protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays, without any irritating chemical sunscreens.This antioxidant rich SPF should be used daily on the face and is so much more than just a sunscreen. Sun Juice feeds the skin a full diet of nutrients to help defend the skin against the sun’sageing forces.

Night regime:


  • PULP CLEANSER or SPUD SPONGE: The white Spud konjac sponge is made from 100% biodegradable Konjac fibre . It is the perfect choice for sensitive skin types, as well as for people preferring a gentle cleansing experience.


  • Citrus Juice oil control face cream is super light and is non greasy . It will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth. This daily face cream is designed to rebalance the skin’s healthy and protective oils without clogging the pores.


  • Liquid tri-active clearing serum is perfect for anyone experiencing breakouts. Spot Liquid on the affected areas to help cleanse blocked pores and fight breakout-causing bacteria.
Written and Published by Skin Juice