Tough Buff - Foot Smoothing Serum

A juicy boost for super smooth and gorgeous feet! For the treatment of mild dryness to severe calluses and cracks on hardworking feet, this incredible serum uses glycolic acid to break down build-up and encourage the skin's natural healing.

To be followed by a splurge of Skin Juice moisture to protect and maintain softness. Even the most neglected feet should be thong ready and feeling fabulous within two weeks.


At home using a cotton pad, apply Tough Buff to affected areas before bed. To encourage best results use a pumice stone on dry feet in the morning before showering, moisturise afterwards with Perfect Paws. Follow these instructions every night for 5 days, leave for 4 nights and repeat for 5 days or until desired results are achieved. Maintain by using 2-3 x per week.